It’s time to make your dreams come true!

“Courage and inspiration – the book Born to Create is overflowing with these two. I have read it again and again since I have bought it. I am so fascinated by Rosalie’s courage to follow her passion. How I wish everyone can have that kind of courage too.”

– Sheri Wade
Chatham, Virginia

“I have discovered hope and inspiration within the pages of Born to Create. And I’ve realized that if I have to make my dreams come true, it’s time to move now. Thanks, Rosalie, for sharing your story and imparting some words of wisdom.”

– Britanny Bell
Worthington, Ohio

“I was moved to tears. While reading her story, I was inspired to follow my own dreams and I intend to do it now. No matter what it takes, I will follow my heart’s desire. Thanks, Rosalie, for such a wonderful motivation.”

– Jean Warner
Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

About Dr. Rosalie H. Contino, Ph.D.

Dr. Rosalie H. Contino, Ph.D. is a second generation Italian-American who lives in Brooklyn, New York. She graduated with a degree in Elementary Education from Fordham University. She earned both her M.A. in Educational Theatre and later on, her Ph.D. in the same field from New York University.…

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